What is fuel polishing and what's involved?

The purpose of fuel polishing is to remove any contamination that is in the fuel and the tank. Contamination can occur for many different reasons, for example, rainwater getting into the tank, which can create diesel bug and cause the tank to rust depending on the material. Leaving fuel in the tank for long periods of time can cause it to break down into sludge. These are just a few examples of tank contamination.

fuel polishing machine diagramA Thorough Tank Clean

The way I go about polishing the fuel is very thorough. The general method of fuel polishing is to extract the fuel out of the tank and pass it through a series of filters leaving the fuel free from contamination to go back into the tank. The fuel enters the tank at a fast rate which, in turn, dislodges any contamination that could be clinging to the walls of the tank. I repeat this process until the tank and fuel are clean.

Polishing Specific to the Requirement

I’ve done many varied jobs over the past years and each tank is different. I have worked on all types of engines and tanks.

Gaining access to the tank can sometimes prove difficult which means I’ve had to create a hole and make inspection hatches. This needs to be discussed prior to carrying out the work. The material that the tank is made of will affect the type of contamination, so this could mean using different methods and filters to ensure the tank and fuel are clean.

I’m more than happy to discuss any questions or queries over the phone or email before carrying out the work to ensure we understand what the job requires. For all enquiries please get in touch so we can discuss your options.