We come to you and your diesel tank, wherever it may be

We’re based out of Devizes in Wiltshire and cover Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, London, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Devon.

We are a family run, mobile fuel polishing service for diesel marine engines, recreational vehicles, diesel generators, household kerosene tanks and more.  We offer a professional service at highly competitive prices.  Regular fuel polishing can eradicate diesel bug, water and particulate contaminents in your tanks, which can potentially disrupt or even damage your system.

We are recommended by the Bristol boat pilots for tank cleaning before boats are allowed up the Bristol channel.

yacht in a marina

Marine Craft

From Narrowboats to Yachts, enjoy the improved reliability of your engine knowing your tank and fuel are clean.

cleaning fuel tanks on busses and coaches

Recreational Vehicles

Often left standing for long periods, fuel polishing will remove any contaminants from campers, vans and bus fuel tanks.

Diesel Generators

Maximise the life and reliability of your back-up generator and be confident it will start when you need it most.

agricultural equipment and farming

Agricultural Machinery

Including all farm equipment, machinery and diesel holding tanks.

Domestic Kerosene Oil Tanks

When Kerosene is stored for long periods it can become contaminated causing heating systems to fail.

industrial diesel tanks

Industrial Equipment

Including all diesel tanks where contaminants or diesel bug could stop production

Many people don’t realise that fuels are an organic substance which can go bad or break down after time.  It is frequently stored for prolonged periods, allowing condensation to build up and other particulates to accumulate at the bottom of the tank.  Diesel and oils can begin to absorb water and start the oxidisation process as soon as they leave the refinery. This means it can begin to break down in as little as 30 days. Particles can start bonding together causing a sludge which can block fuel lines and clog filters.

Common Fuel Contaminants

Diesel Bug

Caused by microbes such as bacteria and fungi entering the fuel.  They live in water but feed on hydrocarbons found in diesel.  Once established they cause a sludge like substance which will block pipes and filters, this restricts the fuel flow to the engine preventing it from starting. They are also corrosive, so need removing quickly and thoroughly.


Water can enter storage tanks and vehicle tanks in a variety of ways, such as already being in fuel which is transferred, seeping through gaps and vents or from condensation which is caused by the air which replaces used fuels. Once in your tank it provides the perfect environment for diesel bug to establish and multiply.

Solid Particulates

This includes foreign bodies such as rust, grit, engine wear particles. Once in your diesel tank they have the potential to cause excessive engine wear and damage the injection system.  This is a particular problem for older vehicles and metal storage tanks which have not been well maintained over a long time.

Common Problems & Indication of Fuel Contamination

  • Lack of performance
  • Filters becoming clogged regularly
  • Exhaust gasses excessively smokey
  • Engine or heating system running roughly due to injectors
  • Domestic boilers smoking or cutting out

A Fuel Filter Clogged with Diesel Bug

narrowboat fuel filter clogged with diesel bug
State of the art diesel bug treatment and removal

State of the Art Equipment

We only use the latest equipment which is regularly serviced and thoroughly cleaned after each and every use. We use our own generator to power it so can clean your tanks wherever they are without the need for electrical hook up.

The machine pumps fuel from your tank and passes it through the fuel polishing system, removing any water, particulates and diesel bug contamination.  The machine returns the fuel with an ISO code of 18/16/13 which passes the international cleanliness code for particulate content of fuels hydraulic fluid. It also brings any water content to below 200 parts per million!

The result is that you are left with a clean, uncontaminated supply of fuel oil from your tank.

Complete Diesel Bug Treatment & Marine Engineering Services

In addition to Fuel polishing, Joe is a qualified marine engineer, so as well as polishing fuel on boats he can also carry out boat servicing and maintenance.  If you have diesel bug in your system he can clean, flush and service the engine while the polishing is running.  So you have a clean and diesel bug free fuel system from end to end when he leaves.

marine engineer working on a narrowboat in the rain

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